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Your Search, Your Way

Property Searching

Searching for properties?  What way would you like to search? There are literally dozens of search parameters.  Search by name, address, parcel, interactive mapping or property type.  Serving a variety of real estate industries, Property Landing has your solutions need it most.


We provide timely and accurate data for thousands of real estate agents. Forget waiting for a property profile or property details, now they are at your fingertips. Search on single properties, full zip code searching or particular subdivisions. Download marketing list and much, much more.

From industry, committed to industry

Property Landing founders have worked in almost all aspects of the Real Estate Industry. From Commercial to Title to Land Development and the sale of residential real estate; we have the hands on experience to understand your real property search needs


Land and Commercial

Ownership data is accessible from Property Landing on all commercial and land parcels.  Search by owner or entity name, structure type, acreage and much more.

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